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Terms and conditions

Online store www.ecattus.lv belongs to SIA “Ecattus”, registration number 40103584176, legal address Tomsona street 32-50, Riga, Latvia, LV-1013, below – “Ecattus”.

“Ecattus” online store terms and conditions apply to all website visitors whether they complete or do not complete a purchase, below – Client.

“Ecattus” online store sells clothing manufactured in Riga, in “Ecattus” sewing workshop, below – Product.

The currency of all Product prices in the online shop is EUR. The Product prices are shown in gross value and shipping expenses are not included in Product prices.

By making a purchase Client is read, understood and agreed to “Ecattus” online store terms and conditions.

“Ecattus” holds the rights to apply changes to the online store terms and conditions.

The relationships between “Ecattus” and the Client are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Making a purchase

To make a purchase at “Ecattus” online store Client shall choose a Product to purchase, pick the size and press “Add to cart” button. At the “Cart” section Client shall choose the delivery method, payment method and discount code or gift card code can be added if the Client has one.

By pressing “Complete the order” button Client shall be taken to a section where he or she shall enter contact information, address, and payment card details. When all the information is entered correctly, the Client shall press the “Order” button. Detailed data protection description is available in “Privacy Policy” section.

If the Client chooses to complete the purchase using online payment, after pressing the “Order” button he or she shall be directed to a page that ensures completing the chosen payment method. If the purchase is not finished due to payment error, the payment is not complete and it needs to be repeated.

At each order phase up until the payment is completed, the Client can cancel the purchase by removing the Product from the “Cart” or by closing internet browser. Orders that are not paid, but have been added to “Cart” are not processed and Product is not reserved.

If the order is completed successfully the order details shall be shown on the screen and the Client will receive a confirmation email with all the purchase details to their email. If the Client doesn’t receive the e-mail, he or she should check the “Spam” folder or get in touch with “Ecattus”.

The order can be canceled within 15 minutes after completing the purchase. To cancel the order the Client must contact “Ecattus” via e-mail over the phone.

Payment methods

“Ecattus” offers three payment methods:

  1. Payment by card – “Ecattus” accepts VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro payment cards.

All the data that is needed to complete the payment is saved until the payment is confirmed. When the purchase is completed successfully, all the data is deleted.

All direct payment methods are protected by PCI-DSS standard requirements determined by the CPI Security Standards Board.

  1. Paypal – the most common internet payment method in the world. More information here.
  2. Paysera – payment administration with internet bank.

More information about Client data protection is available at “Privacy Policy”.

Delivery and purchase delivery time

After the Client has successfully completed the purchase, the Order is shipped out within 1-2 working days. Exact delivery time depends on the delivery method. When the Order is sent out, the Client receives a message to their email.

“Ecattus” ensures worldwide shipping. Three delivery methods are available:

  1. “Omniva” packer delivery. The service is available in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. The purchase is delivered to the Client within 2-4 working days. The service price in Latvia is €2.88 or free on all orders above €110. Shipping to Lithuania and Estonia costs €5.00.
  2. Delivery by “Latvian Post”· The service is available worldwide. The purchase is delivered to the Client within 7-22 working days. Within Latvia, the purchase is delivered within 4 working days. Service fee within Latvia is €2.88; within Lithuania and Estonia – €5.00; anywhere else in the world – €7.00.
  3. Express delivery by “DHL” courier. The purchase is delivered to the Client within 2 working days. If the Client chooses this delivery method, he or she needs to get in touch with “Ecattus” via email or over the phone.

If it comes to a case when the Product is not delivered to the Client due to the fault of the postal services (or courier) error, “Ecattus” will compensate full price of the product if the Client has received proof of loss or compensation from the postal service.

Product exchange and return

The Client has the rights to refuse the ordered Product or to exchange it during the next 14 days after receiving the Order.

The Client needs to get in touch with “Ecattus” via email (info@ecattus.lv) before the Product exchange/return. The Client needs to indicate following in the email: order number, date, product title, and mark if they need a product exchange or return. Also, the Client needs to mention the cause of the exchange or return.

  1. If the ordered Product does not fit the Client or is not to his or hers liking, the Client can choose to exchange the Product for a different one or to return it. Exchange/return shipping costs are covered by the Client.

“Ecattus” holds the rights to decline the Product return or delivery if the Product has a paper label removed and if there are traces of use.

  1. The Client has the rights to decline the ordered Products if it has an industrial defect or the Product after careful washing (following the care instructions) has changed color or deformed. In this case, “Ecattus” covers full Product price and all shipping expenses.

While returning or exchanging the Product, the Client is responsible for safely packaging the Product. Product exchange or refund is done during the next day after “Ecattus” has received the Product. In the case when the Client has returned the Product due to industrial defect, the refund is made after “Ecattus” has done a defect assessment. The evaluation of the defect takes 1 working day after the goods are received.

The Order tracking number must be saved if the Client is returning the Product.

The Product exchange or refund is made when “Ecattus” has received the Product.

Intellectual property

The content of www.ecattus.lv webpage – logo, graphics, photographies, video materials, text, software layouts – all is a property of “Ecattus”. Reproduction of these materials without written consent is prohibited.

Dispute resolution

If a dispute arises between the Client and “Ecattus” it is negotiated. If the situation cannot be solved by negotiation, it shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Force majeure

“Ecattus” shall not be liable for not completing the order and other defaults if force majeure circumstances arise – defaults by third parties, national emergency, terrorism or threats thereof, environmental and climate anomalies. In the event of such circumstances, “Ecattus” shall endeavor to remedy the delay as soon as possible.