Spring make-up trends. Tips from Jūlija Gūtmane

spring make-up tips

It is morning of a photoshoot. All team has arrived at the intended location and the buzz is starting. Photographer Liene is getting familiar with the space in search for the most beautiful spots, my sister and colleague Inga is putting up decorations and I am using an opportunity to ask a few questions to a makeup artist Jūlija. She is now putting out her working tools on a window sill. She is working quickly and after just a few minutes a model is sitting in front of her.

Jūlija works with a great passion and gladly clatters with me. It looks like she really loves her job. It couldn’t be different because Jūlija Gūtmane is a well known name. She is a professional makeup artist who studies cosmetology. Jūlija has been a part of countless photoshoots and other projects. She has developed close collaboration with Ecattus over the years.

How would you advise to use make-up this spring? In your opinion – what is trendy?

As in each spring – I recommend to keep it fresh and glowing! I advise not to be too keen on contouring, but to experiment with light reflective products and bright cheek blushes. I think that trendy is everything that attracts you at the exact moment. If you want to wear red lips or smoky eyes every day, because it makes you feel beautiful – go for it!

What are your latest discoveries?

My favourite latest most discovery is new make-up line from Dr. Hauschka. The line has 81 products – for face, eyes and lips. I would like to highlight 6 high quality brushes, because perfect make-up needs the best tools. Dr. Hauschka synthetic bristle brushes with quality wood handles are handmade. Brushes are hygienic and easy to clean – that allows to apply makeup evenly.

What makes your daily makeup?

My daily make-up usually consists from foundation, free-flowing powder, cheek blush, mascara and lipgloss or lipstick. It’s very important for cosmetics to be natural and caring. Make-up needs to look almost transparent so that it doesn’t hide my individual features.

You will never see me completely without cosmetics, because application process is what I enjoy very, very much. Sure there are a few exceptions like vacation or holidays when I let my skin to rest. Most important are preparation works. Each morning without an exception I take 3 step skin caring ritual – I clean, tone and moisturise skin.

Please tell more about the makeup you have created for Ecattus photoshoot!

I wanted it to be light and spring-like! I tried to avoid black and brown colour palette that is so customary when it comes to eye makeup. For example instead of using brown eye pencil, I chose purple eye pencil in Plum tone from Dr. Hauschka and instead of black mascara I also chose to go with purple mascara with volume in Plum tone from Dr. Hauschka. I think that purple is suitable for all women. It’s elegant and universal – saturated but not obtrusive.

In your opinion what are the most common mistakes when it comes to makeup? And how to avoid them?

Going to bed with makeup. I know it seems corny, but I know a few women that still are living in a sin.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in near and far travels, in literature, in architecture, in art and in people. Because people love to dress up and feel beautiful – that is the reason why I work in the beauty industry.

Photo: Liene Pētersone and Ričards Briška


On April 1’st  Jūlija invites everyone to get to know newest cosmetics line from Dr. Hauschka! At the event you can try out products, learn more about makeup tendencies and discover the world of natural cosmetics.

You can find more info in Dr. Hauschka Facebook page.

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