Perfect occasion dress

Perfect occasion dress

We wanted to create a dress that would be suitable for workday as well as for celebration. The perfect occasion dress.

To create a dress that would look amazing at winter celebrations. And a dress that wouldn’t be left in the closet after Christmas parties. Before we executed our idea we did a little experiment. We went through stores in search of that perfect dress that could fit our criteria for perfect occasion dress:

  • Classy cut, that would stay in fashion for multiple seasons
  • Midi length – suitable for winter
  • Long sleeves so that no jacket or cardigan would be needed
  • Comfy cut
  • Pockets
  • Quality – so that all sides of the dress would look beautiful
  • Affordable price – not more than 100 EUR

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a dress like that. So we started working on it and created “Burgundy Velvet” and “Emerald Velvet”· We combined classy and fashionable velvet with an elegant skirt.

We made the cut with great precision. We wanted this dress to be so comfortable that you could dance the whole New Year’s night in it and look stunning. Come to our POP-UP store at “Riga Plaza” mall and try the out the dress! If you’re located in another city or another part of the world you can order your dress online.

Keep in mind that these dresses are limited edition. Just as any other Ecattus creation “Burgundy Velvet” and “Emerald Velvet” are manufactured in small batches in order for you to feel special.


Photo: Ilze Ose
Make-up: Jūlija Gūtmane
Hair: Astrīda Kozlovska
Model: Līva Saliņa

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