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katrina lipska

Meet Katrina Lipska. Author of katstravels.com and Dear Diary planner.

I met Katrina Lipska a few years ago when she was involved with a project Lips and Kiss. That was an Internet platform that Katrina has created together with her brother in order to popularize Latvian clothing and accessories brands. Even at that time I was impressed with scope and professionalism of her work – neat web page design, wonderful photographies and dynamic videos. Also now looking at her Instagram account or blog takes my breath away. How beautiful and amusing world looks through the objective of this girls photo camera!

While following you on social media one can see that your everyday life is very diverse and colorful. Do tell – what do you do?

A little bit from everything! I live in London, I work as a photographer and I film videos. I often work together with fashion and lifestyle bloggers and brands. Five years ago I moved to London in order to study at the university and somehow I’m still here. For creative people it’s a paradise here because inspiration is on every corner! Each day brings something new and here are so many talented and hardworking people that it’s hard not to fall into all of it. What’s more – together with two wonderful Latvian girls we started paper craft business Dear Diary. And since I’m not able to get rid of this temptation to take photos and videos of everything around me not so long ago I decided to start a blog where I could gather pretty traveling memories.

How did you master photo and video making? Have you studied that at the university?

Both these things are self thought. I started to take photos when I was about 12 years old and my father bought the first photo camera. Even though he bought it for himself, without him knowing I took pictures nearly every day. I remember that when mom let me to stay at home with runny nose, I spent all my free time planning photo shoots that I could do by timer and myself or with my friends at the weekend. And so the time went by and a hobby of mine became something more.

Video making is more recent passion of mine – I had my first filming and editing experience when I worked with my brother at the project Lips and Kiss. Than was an online platform where we introduced Latvian designer clothing and accessories. At this moment there is no Lips and Kiss but that was an amazing experience that taught us that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. And that’s how I learned to edit a video – slowly and with patience. At the university I studied to be a creative director – till this day I’m not quite sure what that exactly means, ha!

At the end of last year you were a part of making a beautiful planner. Tell more about this project! How this idea was created and was it difficult to lead it to a finish line?

This idea was born at an evening about a year ago when my friend Zane came to visit and said: “Katrina, I think that we need to make our own planner”. And I said: “Good!”

Since we both love paper crafts so very much, we both have been dreaming and thinking about our perfect planner. That’s why we decided to create that planner that we would want ourselves – useful and inspiring at the same time. Zane’s sister Baiba joined our team and Dear Diary came to life. The start was a bit slow, it was groping in the dark – we knew what we wanted to accomplish but we had no idea about whole manufacturing process. Step by step we made design of the insides of the planner and depending on good luck sent everything to a printing house in Latvia.

The main thing starting each project is general vision – about small details we came to an agreement in a way that all three of us were confident. We are very glad because all planners found their owners and this year we can continue to work and add new products to Dear Diary. Anyone can find us here and on social media @inspiredlifediary.

On your web page and in other places on the Internet one can see your amazing photos from various exotic places. How you plan your travels? What preparations need to be done in order to have a wonderful trip?

In my opinion traveling is the ultimate way how you can say thank you to yourself and get some rest. From my point of view travels most definitely are the thing where to spend savings. Our planet Earth is such an amazing place that it would be a sin not to travel! In my experience the best way to travel is to make an aim. If you really want it will happen! It doesn’t matter whether your travels are near or far. I like to explore all the alternatives – while searching for a flight I always use SkyScanner and I try to stay at Airbnb not hotels.

I always read about the place I’m visiting in both travel guides and the Internet. That really helps to figure out how to plan my time. I talk with my friends and read travel blogs. To see more and to feel free my boyfriend and I like to rent a car. I try to take as little items as possible with me and I try to plan my wardrobe ahead. That saves not only time but also a space in my travel bag. A hack from my experience – roll your clothing into little rolls. I also recommend Google Maps when it comes to gathering information about local cafe and restaurant reviews. While traveling quite a lot of expenses goes to food therefore it’s better to leave money at places that are neat and serve great food.

And most important of all – go on an adventure with a smile on your face and positive attitude!

What is a must have in your wardrobe and in your makeup this spring?

When it comes to my wardrobe it’s definitely dresses. During winter I used to wear jeans like all the time and now I just want to forget about them for a couple of months. At this season I really like feminine cuts and light fabrics. Bright lipstick is an integral part of my makeup.

Photo: Katrīnas personal archive

This spring Katrīna has improved her wardrobe with feminine Ecattus dress Dreamy. Katrīna added different character to this dress with combining it with sneakers and jeans jacket.

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