Ecattus sisters as models. Experiment.

ecattus sisters

We often receive a question: “Why almost every time you photograph “Ecattus” clothing on models? That raises a doubt whether this piece of clothing will fit also my figure.”

The reason behind this is purely simple – a model is a person with knowledge and experience in her profession. Professionals of this field can adjust easily, pose with a confidence and show the right features of a clothing at the right angle. We admit that we have worked with models who wear XXS and XS size clothing. Therefore it can be hard to visualise how this clothing will look on you.

Our first step in popularising other sizes was a photoshoot with  “Dreamy” dresses. These pictures were taken with a model who wears size L.

To show that clothing created by “Ecattus” REALLY fits various types of bodies, we decided to take on a little challenge. We – Ecattus sisters – Inga and Evija got into the model role. We wanted to show you how our created clothing looks on average person.

This time in the center of attention are ladies who choose S and S/M size clothing on daily basis!

Taking a part in this kind of a photoshoot wasn’t easy. We had to throw aside our shyness and to step out of our comfort zone. Photographer Ilze Ose (we kindly recommend to take a look at her fantastic web page!) helped us a lot. We heard cheering words from her at the right moments as well as directions how to act to get the best result.

By the way we discovered that Riga hides a lot of beautiful buildings. Facades of houses can be used as an amazing backgrounds for photographies. We recommend to take a tour through the city and capture these magical moments!

Did we manage to show “Ecattus” clothing in a different light? Most likely only you can answer this question! Either way we will continue to take further steps in order to make variety of sizes. It is so beautiful that each of us is unique!

Ecattus sisters
Inga & Evija


Photo: Ilze Ose

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