How to choose the right clothing size?

choose right clothing size ecattus

It is quite necessary to know your right size while shopping online. We want to tell you how to be sure about your size choice when you shop at Ecattus.

Before we look into the table of sizes we’ll let you in on a little trick. If usually at clothing stores size XS or S fits you the best then while shopping on, we strongly advise you to pick the smallest size in order to get that perfect fit.

To be completely sure which size to choose, you’ll need to measure your bust, waist, and hips.


  • For better result do measurements while you have clamorous clothing that fits tight around the body parts you have to measure. T-shirt and jeans will be perfect for this purpose.
  • Do not pull measuring tape too tight and do not stretch it!

Bust size

The measuring tape needs to be put horizontally in the level of the top of breasts.

Waist circumference

To determine a precise location of your hips place your hands at your sides. The narrowest place is your waist. It’s just a bit above the navel.

Hip circumference

The measuring tape needs to be placed across the most prominent part of your bottom, at the front – vaguely across abdominal curvature.

When you compare your measurements to the table keep in mind that they do not need to match the table exactly. They can vary +/- 3 cm. For example, if a woman’s measurements are – chest 90cm, waist 75cm, and hips 99cm she is size S.

However, if you need a consultation while shopping online don’t hesitate to contact us at We’ll be more than happy to help you find the right size!

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