Ecattus – family business

Ecattus clothing brand was founded in 2011. We are two in the team. Me – Evija Deruma and my mom Irina Kalve. Everything in Ecattus is manufactured in our workshop in Riga, Latvia.

Irina has managed the manufacturing of an international company and she has helped the local designer to develop complicated clothing collections. The vast experience allows our company to offer the highest quality products to you.

Myself – Evija – I have finished environmental science studies. Clothing design and development process I have learned from my mom. My biggest challenge at the moment is to learn the business principles on my own.

When we create clothing it’s important to us that:

  • you feel beautiful and comfortable
  • the purchase has an added value to your wardrobe
  • the left side of the clothing piece is just a beautiful as the right side